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Crosman Night Prowler SA

The Crosman Night Prowler SA is one of Crosman’s latest airsoft gun. Your probably thinking “Oh great another cruddy Crosman A.E.G. that shoots 175 fps.” Well your wrong! Unlike the Crosman M4, the Night Prowler shoots at 325 fps. It shoots both semi and full-auto. The Night Prowler comes in both clear and blue navy seal like camo. It weights just under 4 pounds. It also has a lot of rails, so you can put a lot of accessories on. The scope is actually not a scope, but a reservoir that can hold 600 b.b.s.  You can also get replacement scopes at for under $2.00. The Night Prowler is also easy to use. The battery goes in the stock making it easy to switch the battery which can be very important while your in the field. But this gun isn’t all great. This gun is entirely plastic except for the inner barrel. Also this is a very expensive gun (for a Crosman) costing around $150. Not to mention the fake scope/reservoir makes it impossible to aim. This is a noisy gun and could some times give away your position. Over all I recommend this gun. There are a few draw backs, but it isn’t bad. This gun shoots hard and you won’t be disappointed.  If you liked this article check out Painting the Crosman Night prowler.

Clearance Item - Magazine For Airsoft Gun D92H Airsoft Gun Accessory  Scope Reservoir that holds  600 rounds.


                                               The Real Steal

The Crosman Night prowler is based on the Cx4 Storm 9mm carbine rifle produced by Beretta.  The Cx4 strom shoots semi-auto not fully auto like the Night Prowler.  The Cx4 storm uses a same type of mag as some Beretta pistols making it ideal for police officers, because it allows them to carry the same type of mags for both firearms.  It is used by police officer in Albany New York as addition to the handgun.  You can buy more realistic airsoft models of the Cx4 storm, but the Crosman Night Prowler will out preform them.


22 Responses to “Crosman Night Prowler SA”

  1. Yeah Sgt. “Bubba” shot me in the nose and it hurt REAL bad

  2. i shot mu cus in the back from 5 feet and it gave him a welt the size of a quarter

  3. is this gun good for airsoft wars and can you give me some tips about the nightprowler sa

    • Don’t use the sling because it will break! I also painted mine black because the blue camo looks kinda dumb. As far as battles go this gun is great with backyard games, it can compete with almost all the guns on this website. But if your looking for a gun to use in more serious battles save your money for a JG.

  4. were can i just buy the nightprowler sa reservoir i lost mine and i cant find it. Please help

  5. where can i buy a nightprowler sa reservior

  6. My friend had one of these guns and just got the crosman pulse R76. The old gun would get low on ammo then require you to shake it to actually keep the bbs coming into the firing slot, the clip only held 300 and it was impossible to aim, not that it helped, the accuracy was terrible. The new Pulse R76 is an all together different gun, however. Go online to and click on the page “Gun Grades” to see guns like this and many others compared by people who shot them, owned them, and were shot by them and get to see how they stacked up.

  7. hey where can u get a battery for the night prowler or can i upgrade to a higher mAH because the one it came wif is 700 mAH and all the ones i see for 8.4 volts is 1100 mAH and above

    • I found and bought a better battery, only instead of being a NiCD its a NiMH, which loses power as it drains, unlike NiCD where it remains mostly the same amount of power until the last few minutes. It’s got a higher mAH, but I’ll come back later tonight to give you the rest of the details because I’m having mine shipped in today, so I don’t know what to think of it yet. It’s the same dimensions of the stock battery, so you don’t need to worry about that. Here’s the link:

      • So the battery that I suggested works great! The only problem is that it’s just a tiny bit longer than the stock battery, so it will need a little more effort to close the butt of the gun completely, and neatly storing of wires so you can shut it properly, or do what I’m going to do, and saw off the internal bar in the removable part of the butt of the gun (in the circular top part of the back)

      • where do u get the original battery

  8. hey where can i get an extra battery for this gun thts 8.4 volts and is 700 mAH

  9. hey does anyone know were i can get an upgrade for the nightprowler im goin crazy lookin online for a motor/gearbox/biggerspring/ i just want to make it… well… badass lol it would b kool to know thnx

  10. where do i get a new battery pack?

  11. i own one it is the best gun i have ever used battery wire broke after 2 years of use but fps is still 325 and has extreme accuracy . i use it as a sniper and dont even have to aim. i know were the bbs are going to go every time aslong as its not on hop up. never jams and easy to load. i can load the 600 rounds into it in under 2 min. good for long rang shooting. got it with a croosman p90 pistol and 5000 bbs for 100 dollars

  12. I need a new battery, where can i get one??

  13. I like to disseminate understanding that I’ve accrued through the yr to help improve group functionality.

  14. Where can I get a charger for my night prowler sa

  15. what type of battery does the gun use because I got if off of a friend and he did not have the battery and he did not know what type of battery it was. plz help.

    • we are wholesaler and manufacturer of kinds of batteries from different industry, but we haven’t made batteries for gun, what kind of battery does a gun use? it is not allowed for personal to own a gun. as you know, we only make li polymer batteries, li ion battery and energy battery,

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